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Metric to Imperial Grade Equivalents

What are the imperial/ASTM equivalents for metric fastener grades?

Both ASTM F568M and ISO 898-1 outline several grades of metric fastener, from low carbon/low strength, up to high strength/heat treated alloy grades. The equivalents listed below should be only considered as rough equivalents. Special care should be taken before substituting grades to make sure that an acceptable substitute is being used. For example, grade... Read more

Contect anchor sleeve

Metric Anchor Bolt Sleeves

Does Portland Bolt sell metric anchor bolt sleeves?

Portland Bolt does not sell metric anchor sleeves but we do provide them all the time using a soft imperial conversion. We round up to the closest imperial (inch) size to make sure they are large enough to fit on the bolt. If the fit is too big, we recommend taping the neck of the... Read more