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A320 Head Requirements

Does A320 require bolts or cap screws to have heavy hex heads?

Your page says A320 requires bolts or cap screws to have heavy hex heads. I have the 2003 edition of A320 and can’t find that requirement. Where is that requirement stated? The ASTM A320 specification does not specifically address the physical dimensions of headed bolts. However, it does refer you to ASTM A962 for some... Read more

A320 L7 Bolts in Slip Critical Connections

Can A320 L7 grade bolts be used for Slip Critical connections?

The grade of bolt used in a Slip Critical (SC) connection has no direct bearing on the connection itself, so the answer is yes. The SC connection means that it is a type of bolted structural steel connection which relies on friction between the two connected elements rather than bolt shear or bolt bearing to... Read more

A320 L7 Nuts and Washers

What grade of nuts and washers are compatible with ASTM A320 Grade L7 bolts and rods?

ASTM A320-L7 is a specification covering bolts, studs, and screws intended for low temperature service. Portland Bolt regularly supplies both plain finish and hot-dip galvanized A320-L7 fasteners to numerous customers in Canada and Alaska. Recently in our Portland Bolt Live Chat, an engineer asked this question as he needed to know what grade of nuts and... Read more