Guided Input

This form allows you to build a list of items you need by searching by name, or by selecting from a list available products.

To start:

  1. Begin typing the name of the product that you would like a quote on or click on the down arrow next to the text box to get a list of available items. Don’t worry if you can’t find what you are looking for, just type a descriptive name into the box and we’ll worry about the rest.
  2. When you have selected an item, or have finished typing the name of your item, click the “Add item” button to load the form and add the item to your list.

After you have filled out the information for your item, you can:

  • Add another item by clicking “Add another item”. You will then be able to repeat the steps above to add another item to your list.
  • Add nuts or washers if available, by clicking the nut or washer icons at the bottom of the item

If you have an unusual or highly customized item list, you may want to try our manual input method.