Rebus Answers

Rebus 2

Established in 1912

The word “established” is inside of (in) the year “1912”. Yes, Portland Bolt has been around for over 100 years! Learn more about Portland Bolt’s history.

You said: Established in 1912

Rebus 3

Time is not money

“Time” is represented by a clock. The “equals” sign (=) with a slash through it means “is not”. “Money” is depicted by a stack of bills. Time is not money, time is time. And once lost it can never be regained. It may be the single most important commodity we have. Read more

You said: Time does not equal money

Rebus 4

Tapped oversize

The word “tapped” over the word “size”. Tapped oversize refers to galvanized nuts in which the internal threads have been enlarged to accommodate the additional thickness that hot-dip galvanizing adds to the threads of a bolt. For more information, see this FAQ.

You said: Tapped into the Bigger Size

Rebus 5

Countersunk bolt

“Counter” is depicted by a hand-held counter + “sunk” is represented by a sunken ship. “Bolt” is a lightning bolt.

You said: Watch Sea Bolt

Rebus 6

8-pitch thread

“8-pitch” is represented by a baseball pitcher throwing the number 8. “Thread” is denoted by a spool of thread. 8-Pitch thread series, commonly referred to as 8UN, is a standard thread series commonly applied to ASTM grades A193 and A320 bolts larger than 1″ in diameter. Our Thread Pitch Chart summarizes the three most common thread series for construction fasteners.

You said: Pitcher ate yarn

Rebus 7

Grade 55 anchor bolt

“Grade” is represented by an evaluation form with a grade of excellent. “55” depicted by a highway speed sign. “Anchor” is represented by a boat anchor. “Bolt” is represented by a picture of Usain Bolt, the Jamaican Olympic Gold Medalist and World Record Holder in the 100 and 200 meter sprints. Check out our specialtyF1554 Anchor Bolt website for information on grade 55 anchor bolts as well as grades 36 and 105.

You said: Best sign anchor bolt

Rebus 8

Forged eye-bolt

“Forged” = 4 x Jed Clampett from the Beverly Hillbillies. “Eye” is represented by a human eye. “Bolt” is depicted by Bolt, the cartoon dog from the Disney movie of the same name. Portland bolt manufactures turned eye bolts and brokers forged eye bolts.

You said: Classic Eye Bolt

Rebus 9

Hot forging

“Hot” is represented by flames. The word “jing” is repeated four times representing “four-Jing” or “forging”. Hot forging is a process in which steel round bar is heated and reshaped in an upsetter to form a head on a bolt. Check out our heading page to learn more about this manufacturing process.

You said: Hot Forging

Rebus 10

Hot-dip galvanizing

A pinch of chewing tobacco between your cheek and gums is often referred to as a “dip” which is represented by a can of chewing tobacco. The flames around it make it “hot-dip”. This is followed by a picture of a “gal” and a “van” and concluded with a picture of a cupcake with “icing”. Take all of that and you have “hot-dip gal+van+icing” or more correctly “Hot Dip Galvanizing”. Portland Bolt is one of only a handful of bolt manufacturers that performs in-house hot-dip galvanizing. Learn about our state of the art galvanizing linethat was installed in 2009.

You said: Chew Dance Van Dessert

Rebus 11

Tie-rod assembly

“Tie” is represented by a neck tie. This is followed by a picture of “Rod” Stewart. Next is a picture of a donkey also commonly referred to as an “ass”. Next is the letter “m”. The final piece of the puzzle is a picture of Scut Farcus, the infamous “bully” in The Christmas Story. Put it all together and you have “Tie Rod Ass+m+bully”. Portland Bolt manufactures tie rod assemblies which consist of threaded rods, often with turnbuckles and/or clevises.

You said: Tie Rod Mulemite

Rebus 12

Highway barrier pin

“Highway” is depicted by a stretch of open road. “Bear rear” or “barrier” is represented by the southern end of a north-bound bear. “Pin” is represented by a bowling pin. Together they form “Highway Bear-rear Pin” or more appropriately “Highway Barrier Pin”.

You said: Road bear pin