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Conflict Mineral List Compliance

Is Portland Bolt in compliance with the Conflict Mineral List?

In order to answer this question, we must first define what conflict minerals are. Any natural resource that is mined in a conflict zone and sold to perpetuate fighting is defined as a conflict resource.  The conflict minerals that are most commonly extracted are cassiterite (used for tin), wolframite (used for tungsten), coltan (used for... Read more

Body Bound Bolts

Does Portland Bolt make body bound bolts?

Portland Bolt cannot manufacture a body bound type bolt. An example of a body bound or tight-fitting bolt is one in which precision is required in order to hold together parts of machinery or similar applications to prevent the slightest change of position of one part on another. This type of bolt must be supplied... Read more

Portland Bolt Business Hours

What are the business hours at Portland Bolt?

Portland Bolt is open from 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Time, Monday through Friday. To be able to accommodate the needs of our customers across the country, we stagger the workday between our salespeople. Our Interactive Shipment Destination Map provides detailed shipping information showing that the second-largest concentration of Portland Bolt shipments is the... Read more

Custom Submittal Drawings

Does Portland Bolt provide submittal drawings?

Yes we do. Our quoting program is designed to automatically send drawings with all items we quote. We can also create any other drawings you may need. Drawings minimize the possibility of both verbal miscommunication and written misinterpretation. Our drawings will define exactly what we are planning to supply and give you the ability to... Read more

Hex Lag Screw

Gimlet Points on Lag Screws

Are gimlet points (threaded points) required on large diameter lag screws?

A lag screw, also referred to as a lag bolt, is a heavy wood screw with a spiral thread and a hex or square head used for driving it into wood. Large diameter lag screws typically do not require gimlet points because of the need for a pilot hole to lower the torque required to... Read more

Damaged or Lost Shipments

What should I do if a shipping company damages or loses my order and whose responsibility is it to file a claim against the carrier?

Let’s begin by addressing responsibility for filing a claim. When Portland Bolt ships product collect on a carrier of our customer’s choosing, ownership of the material changes hands the moment the carrier leaves our loading dock. Therefore, if a shipment is damaged or lost, it is our customer’s responsibility to file a claim against the... Read more

Shipping to Canada

Does Portland Bolt ship to Canada?

Yes! Portland Bolt ships to Canada on a regular basis. Our strengths of product expertise, on-time shipping and familiarity with customs documentation make us an excellent option for Canadian companies.  Please visit our Interactive Destination Map to see a map of the locations in Canada to which we have shipped recently. Our knowledgeable shipping department will... Read more

Contect anchor sleeve

Metric Anchor Bolt Sleeves

Does Portland Bolt sell metric anchor bolt sleeves?

Portland Bolt does not sell metric anchor sleeves but we do provide them all the time using a soft imperial conversion. We round up to the closest imperial (inch) size to make sure they are large enough to fit on the bolt. If the fit is too big, we recommend taping the neck of the... Read more

Forms of Payment

What forms of payment does Portland Bolt accept?

Portland Bolt cannot ship an order until it has been paid for in some fashion. If it is an order consisting solely of stock items, it cannot ship without being paid for first. In the case of custom manufactured parts, Portland Bolt cannot begin production without first receiving payment. If your company is planning on... Read more

Small Quantity Orders at Portland Bolt

Can I buy small quantities from Portland Bolt?

Yes, you can. Although Portland Bolt is a manufacturer, we are not the type of company that sets up and runs tens of thousands of common, standard-sized bolts. We can, and often do, set up to make just a handful of custom construction fasteners if that is what is required. We should clarify that this... Read more

Clevises and Turnbuckles at Portland Bolt

Does Portland Bolt sell clevises and turnbuckles?

Portland Bolt supplies tie-rod assemblies with clevises and turnbuckles on a regular basis. However, in most instances, we do not provide the clevises and turnbuckles unless we are manufacturing the rods. There are a couple of key reasons for this. Probably the most important reason is that when we provide all the components of the... Read more

Portland Bolt East Coast Distributors

Does Portland Bolt have any distributors on the east coast?

Many manufacturers sell through distributors, who then stock those manufactured goods and sell to the end users of the product. Portland Bolt is a manufacturer, but does not work through these distribution channels. We primarily sell directly to contractors, steel fabricators, and other construction-related end users of the bolts that we manufacture. Due to the... Read more

Metric Bolts – We Convert

Do you manufacture metric bolts?

All bolts we manufacture are made to imperial measurements. The primary reason for this is because the steel used to make bolts is milled to imperial sizes. Even though metric measurements are almost exclusively used internationally, most raw materials are only available domestically in inches. Often projects, such as highways, bridges, and power plants specify... Read more