Portland, OR, USA

About the Project

In 2002, Portland Bolt manufactured 2½” diameter tie rods, all exceeding 20 feet in length, for the expansion of the Oregon Convention Center. The rods were assembled with clevises on each end, and the clevises were custom, heat treated parts which were designed by an engineer specifically for this project.

These tie rod assemblies line the front windows of the convention center, and are seen by thousands of passing motorists each day. In this video, Mike Monlux of Portland Bolt speaks a bit more in-depth about the project direct from the Oregon Convention Center.

Video Transcript

Hello! My name is Mike Monlux. I work in sales and estimating at Portland Bolt. I’ve been with the company since 1999. Today I’m over at the Oregon Convention Center which is just across the river from downtown Portland.

One fun aspect of working for a bolt manufacturer in the construction industry is that often times you can actually see your product in action, so to speak. For instance, here at the convention center, you can drive by from the street and see our bolts through the window.

Right behind me are some of those bolts. These are 2-1/2″ diameter rods that we manufactured for the expansion of this convention center just a few years back. As you can see, these rod assemblies span across the entire front of the building. The rods are assembled into some machined clevises that were specifically designed by an engineer for this project. Obviously it’s critical that these components fit properly together and that the certification is in order when it arrives at the jobsite. Those are just a couple of the value-added components that Portland Bolt is able to bring to a job.

To see any other projects that Portland Bolt’s been involved in, please refer to the “project resume” portion of our website. Thanks.

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