The Dalles Dam, Lyle, WA, USA

Project Summary  

Managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, The Dalles Lock and Dam ranks among the ten largest hydroelectric facilities in the United States. Since its completion in 1957, this structure has played a crucial role in providing essential services to the Pacific Northwest, including hydroelectric power, navigation aid, recreational opportunities, assistance with fish migration, irrigation support, and flood control measures. Positioned approximately 192 miles upstream from the Columbia River’s mouth and just two miles east of The Dalles, Oregon, its strategic location highlights the significance to the PNW region.

Throughout its operational history, this dam has generated over 9.2 billion kilowatt hours of electricity and facilitated the movement of up to 10 million tons of cargo along the river.

Featuring a sturdy concrete framework housing a navigation lock, spillway, powerhouse equipped with gates, and infrastructure for fish passage, the project encompasses more than just power generation. Additionally, the surrounding area offers a variety of recreational activities, attracting visitors who come to enjoy the attractions along the shores of Lake Celilo, the expansive 24-mile-long reservoir formed by the dam.

Periodically, the dams situated along the Columbia River undergo scheduled routine maintenance, consisting of annual inspections and preventive repairs. These inspections play a big part in the early detection of damages or operational issues, reducing downtime and avoiding the higher costs associated with unscheduled repairs. Hardware procurement needs to be planned well in advance to accommodate manufacturing and shipping lead times.

Products Supplied

Portland Bolt provided the necessary materials for the current phase of routine maintenance which required all materials to be sourced domestically. Our facility produced custom 1” diameter U-bolts using domestic steel meeting the A193-B7 specification. These U-bolts underwent a process of hot-dip galvanizing to ensure durability in the face of corrosive conditions, as they are intended for use in these types of environments. 


Portland Bolt manufactures custom round bend U-bolts from 1/2″ through 4″ in diameter to virtually any ASTM specification. They are provided either plain finish or hot-dip galvanized. All operations, including the galvanizing process, are performed in-house.

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