Portland, OR, US

Harborton Substation sits on the banks of the Willamette River just a few miles away from Portland Bolt. While we do love to have our bolts all over the world (30 countries in 2021) and all over the US (every state in the union), we really love projects in our own backyard. This one is extra special since it is a part of the 74-acre Portland General Electric property that is being turned into a wetland preserve. It is one of the largest known breeding grounds for northern red-legged frogs, which are losing much of their natural habitat and populations. More than 80,000 native plants have replaced the invasive species that had taken over the bottomland floodplain. Included in the renovation is a new river channel from the Willamette River to the interior of the wetland providing lush habitat for the endangered juvenile salmonids and Pacific lamprey.

In total, Portland Bolt provided almost 50,000 lbs of custom galvanized anchor bolts in just over 6 weeks; 31,000 lbs of that delivered in 4 weeks. With our full manufacturing capabilities, hot-dip galvanizing line, and in-house certified welders we can often meet the most stringent delivery schedules.

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