Rockville, MD, United States

Portland Bolt was contacted in the summer of 2015 to provide the anchor bolts for three solar carport structures which would be installed on the top level of a parking garage om Rockville, MD. These specific structures consist of over 800 photovoltaic modules which harvest energy from the sun. Solar carport structures provide shade, relief from weather, and energy production while allowing current parking spaces to remain.

Portland Bolt has provided anchor bolts for solar carport projects on jobs all across the country. Each carport structure is designed specifically for the region in which it is installed. Wind, snow, and seismic forces must be considered for these types of structures, all factors vary by location.

If you have a solar carport installation that requires anchor bolts, consider Portland Bolt. Our experience in manufacturing custom anchor bolts and shipping all across the country will help your next project run smoothly.

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