Benton County, WA, United States

Work began to refurbish three steel lattice towers in the Benton County Public Utility District in the spring of 2016. Portland Bolt was contacted to provide the tie rods, steel plates, and structural bolts that would replace the existing fasteners which were beginning to corrode.

The contractor was on a tight schedule which required the work to be completed without delays. Portland Bolt was able to provide the complete fastener package in a release schedule that allowed for each tower to be finished under the contractor’s deadlines.

Portland Bolt is a great resource to contractors who are operating on a tight schedule since we are able to produce custom bolts entirely in our 140,000 square foot facility. In addition to standard bolt manufacturing capabilities, Portland Bolt operates our own hot-dip galvanizing line, as well as performs our own welding and light plate fabricating. Contact Portland Bolt for you next project requiring specialty construction fasteners and we will be sure to help keep your project on schedule.

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