San Bruno, CA, US

The construction of new corporate facilities for large tech companies has been booming in recent years. Plans for an expansion to YouTube’s headquarters in San Bruno, CA have been in the works for some time, and construction has begun on at least 400,000 square feet of new building space there.

From spring through fall of 2021, Portland Bolt was selected to supply the anchor rods for this expansion. The anchor rods were primarily high strength, F1554 Grade 105 rods, some of them as large as 2” diameter. All rods were shipped fully assembled with nuts and plate washers. To date, Portland Bolt has supplied over 79,000 lbs of anchor rods for this project.

Portland Bolt’s ability to procure raw material in a market fraught with scarcity and our manufacturing facility full of threaders allow us to meet the critical delivery times these projects require.

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