Santa Rosa, CA, USA

Project Summary

The City of Santa Rosa, CA is home to Sonoma Academy, the only private, independent, college preparatory high school in Sonoma County. Sonoma Academy’s original campus opened its doors in 2001, holding classes at the Burbank Center for the Arts, with only 45 students. The campus later moved in 2008 to its location near the foothills of Taylor Mountain in Southeastern Santa Rosa, and today is home to around 330 students.

In 2022, the 34-acre campus began construction to create a new larger performing arts space with a flexible seating capacity hosting up to 435 people. This new space will also have a theater classroom and its own acting studio for visual arts classes and projects. The 27,000 sq ft building is set to be finished in the 2023-2024 school year. The performing arts center will not only provide those on campus with a place to come together as a school and share new ideas but also a place for the greater community of Santa Rosa to gather and enjoy attending lectures, performances, readings, and symposia.

Products Supplied

Portland Bolt manufactured nearly 3,800 lbs of hex-headed anchor bolts and anchor rods required for this project. These bolts ranged from ¾” – 1 ¾” in diameter and reached up to 38” long. All of the bolts supplied consisted of ASTM F1554-36 and F1554-105 material and were paired with their compatible nut and washer. Portland Bolt also manufactured custom square plates that provided pull-out resistance on the embedded end of some of the anchor rods. These anchor bolts supported the structural steel columns in the frame of the new facility.


Portland Bolt specializes in manufacturing anchor bolts with forged hex heads. After cutting the steel round bar to length, the ends of the steel are heated to around 2,000 degrees before the head is forged on the end of the bolt using an upsetter. The final operation is to apply the threads. F1554 Grade 105 headed anchor bolts also undergo a heat treating process to increase the strength of the anchor bolts and are tested to ensure they meet the mechanical requirements of the specification. Our heading capacity includes forging through 2-1/2” diameter and threading capacity maxes out at 6” diameter.

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