Canmore, Alberta, Canada

In 2011, Cascade Engineering Group contacted Portland Bolt with some questions about high strength tie rod assemblies that they were considering using in the design of the new brewery for the Grizzly Paw Brewing Company. After spending several weeks working with the designer, we were able to arrive at a solution for the project that would have the strength and size required for the job, and that we could manufacture and deliver on site within the project’s timetable.

Portland Bolt manufactured 80 custom hot dip galvanized, high-strength A449 tie rod assemblies with special high-strength galvanized clevises and sleeve nuts. The rod portions of these assemblies varied in length from 4 feet to almost 24 feet in length! In addition to the tie rod assemblies, we also manufactured several hundred custom galvanized A307 hex bolts from 8-1/2” to 24” long, as well as supplying the hundreds of galvanized malleable iron washers and shear plates required for all of the glulam and timber connections on the project.

If you have a project that requires tie rod assemblies you should check out our handy tie rod calculator! Have a more specialized application that requires high-strength tie rods or are just unfamiliar with how tie rod assemblies work? If so, you should contact one of our experienced estimators today and we can help walk you through it!

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