New York, United States

During the winter of 2015, the roof of New Energy Works was faced with a problem. Their roof had suffered a catastrophic collapse. Luckily, no one was hurt, as the collapse occurred over the weekend.  This problem gave New Energy Works the opportunity to build the first cross laminated timber (CLT) building in Western New York.  Their new building, which is the size of two football fields, will allow them to consolidate several of their different operations in one location.

In late 2016 Portland Bolt was called on to help New Energy Works with their new office building.  We provided forty foot long, 1-1/2” diameter A36 rods as well as 2-1/2” diameter high strength A449 rods almost twenty feet long.  The rods were used to help cross brace the roof.

Should your project require extreme rod lengths for cross bracing or tie rod assemblies, please feel free to give one of our friendly team members a call and we will be happy to manufacture the products required for your job.

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