Alsip, IL, United States

Monopoles, or cell towers, are designed for specific wind speeds based on their load rating. Steel antenna towers are regularly modified in order to accommodate additional loadings. Anchor bolts are often added in order to support the additional loadings during a modification project. Portland Bolt provided (3) 2-1/4” diameter x 11.5’ long galvanized anchor rods for this modification project in Alsip, IL.

In order to install the bolts, the contractor core drilled into the concrete and injected an epoxy adhesive into the hole. The steel rods were then installed into the hole where the epoxy bonded to the concrete and the steel rods.  Once the epoxy cured, the rods were pull tested to 205 kips in order to verify proper installation. Lastly, steel brackets were attached to the anchor rods and then welded to the tower.

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