Sunnyvale, CA, USA

It’s no secret that construction in Silicon Valley is flourishing. Sunnyvale, CA was the location for the Moffett Towers II project, which is scheduled to be complete in the summer of 2019 . Located at the former Lockheed Martin facility, the Moffett Towers II construction involved replacing over 900,000 square feet of office space with five new eight-story structures.

Portland Bolt was chosen to manufacture the anchor bolts for the Moffett Towers project, and there were some large anchor bolts required indeed. Portland Bolt provided 96 high strength, A354BD anchor bolts that were 3-3/4” in diameter and just under six feet in length, and 200 high strength, F1554 Grade 105 anchor bolts that were of a similar length but 2-3/4” in diameter. All told, the order consisted of approximately 60,000 lbs of anchor bolts and was shipped directly to the job site fully assembled with heavy hex nuts and plate washers.

One of Portland Bolt’s areas of manufacturing expertise is producing large diameter anchor bolts. Our 140,000 square foot manufacturing facility is designed to be able to efficiently move large diameter and heavy bolts, resulting in quick lead times and lower costs.

When you have a project requiring large anchor bolts, and you’re looking for a manufacturer who can offer a competitive price, on-time delivery, all necessary certification documents, and impeccable service, give one of Portland Bolt’s experienced sales representatives a call.

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