Modesto, CA, US

Modesto, California houses one of Frito-Lay’s largest manufacturing plants in North America at over 500,000 square feet. The PepsiCo company is committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions and improving public health and the environment by a first-of-its-kind project. The Modesto plant is being transformed with a $30.8 million project that will integrate a wide variety of technologies in a number of ways, working towards the goal of net-zero emissions by 2030. This will reduce the company’s total emissions by 20%. This is an industry-leading showcase for environmentally sustainable manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution. Some of the ways they are transforming the plant is by installing a solar energy carport, electric vehicle charging stations, and on-site stations for fueling & charging their new fleet of electric-powered freight trucks. Currently, Frito-Lay has delivered products over 300 million miles using alternative fuel trucks and continues to pave the way for energy-efficient distribution.

In order to transform the Modesto plant, many anchor bolts were required for the new solar panels and charging stations. Portland Bolt was up to the task for manufacturing all the custom anchor rods. The anchor rods ranged in size as small as 3/4" and all the up through 2” in diameter. The anchor rods all required nuts and square plates tack welded to the bottom and they were hot-dip galvanized. Portland Bolt takes great pride in our galvanizing line and has taken great steps to make it more environmentally friendly. We don’t use any lead in our zinc unlike other galvanizers, and our system takes all of the fumes from the zinc tank and prep tanks and scrubs them before they are released back into the outside air. The only water lost in our process is through evaporation and all of our chemicals and zinc ash are recycled. Our commitment to safer, environmentally conscious manufacturing made us an easy choice to partner with on this project. If you have a project requiring anchor bolts, look no further than Portland Bolt. We are the best choice for top-quality products with unparalleled customer service.

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