Fort McMurray, AB, Canada

In 2016 the Fort McMurray Heritage Society started expanding and upgrading the Heritage Shipyard with a new timber framed covered building for the NAR Caboose 13002 and NAR Caboose 303. The large rectangular timber structure consisting of old-fashioned looking square headed bolts, nuts, and ogee washers is needed to protect the newly restored 1926 and 1927 train cars from the harsh northern Alberta winters.

Portland Bolt has the ability to hot forge square head bolts from ½” through 2” diameter and 1/2” to 2-1/2” diameter as hex headed bolts. On this job we provided almost 5,000 pounds of square headed bolts, square nuts, ogee washers, and custom u-bolts that eventually were black powdered coated for a nice clean look. Do you have a project requiring square head bolts to replicate a rustic look?  If so, contact one of our experienced salespeople.

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