San Jose, CA, USA

China Mobile Communications is the largest mobile carrier in the world by the number of subscribers. The Hong Kong-based subsidiary received a special use permit to construct a new data center in the city of San Jose. The project requires the demolition of an already existing 160,000 square-foot building, along with construction of the new 217,000 square-foot data center and a connecting five-story, 65,00 square foot office building. The office building will accommodate roughly 200 employees.

Any time a large structural steel-framed building is constructed, anchor bolts are required to secure the steel columns to the foundation. This project was no different and required many large-diameter anchor bolts which Portland Bolt specializes in manufacturing. The contractor had a very tight time frame which was no problem since our 140,000 square foot manufacturing facility houses over 1.3 million pounds of steel round bar. All of the anchor bolts required custom square plates for pullout resistance along with nuts sandwiched on either side of the plate and tack welds to hold them in place.

Do you have a project requiring large diameter anchor bolts? Give Portland Bolt a call. Our estimators have a tremendous amount of combined experience to help get you the products you need in the time frame you need them!

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