Albuquerque, NM, United States

The city of Albuquerque started construction of the $119 million Albuquerque Rapid Transit project in 2016, and this project is very unique in several ways.  This is not a light rail transit system but a bus servicing transit system that is taking the place of a train.  This allowed the city to keep the current infrastructure while including mixed use lanes for both buses and cars.  These unique buses are similar in design to light rail trains with doors on both sides to accommodate the different platform stops. These colorful and attractive stops have added to the culture and livability of the city.

Portland Bolt has provided over 16,000 pounds of 1″ diameter hot dip galvanized F1554 grade 55 threaded anchor bolts and 1-3/4 x 84″ bent anchor bolts over the last year for the project. With over 700,000 pounds of steel on the floor, our bending and threading capabilities, and our own hot-dip galvanizing line, we were able to provide these domestically manufactured anchors with reliable on-time deliveries and hassle-free product ready to install once on site.

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