Keesler Air Force Base, M St, Biloxi, MS, USA

Portland Bolt manufactures many different types of specialty construction fasteners for US Government projects around the world. One such project at the Keesler Air Force Base outside of Biloxi, MS required galvanized steel tie rods that Portland Bolt was able to produce.

Most federally funded projects require all steel components to meet the Buy America Act, meaning the steel has to be melted and manufactured in the USA.  Portland Bolt sources all of our carbon and alloy steel round bar from US steel rolling mills allowing us to conform to Buy America Act requirements. The 1-1/2” diameter tie rods on the tower project were called out to be ASTM A36. Portland Bolt was able to source the 1-1/2” round bar from a steel mill located 40 miles south of our manufacturing plant.

When certification documents are required, whether for a Buy America project or not, Portland Bolt can email the MTRs at the time of the product shipping from our facility. You can feel comfortable purchasing material from Portland Bolt knowing that our product will be backed up with paperwork that certifies the fasteners meet the stated specifications and grades.

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