Houston, TX, US

Back in 2010, the Port of Houston Authority started a renovation project for the Port of Houston’s Turning Basin Terminal. The Turning Basin Terminal is a multipurpose complex with open wharves and 37 docks. The goal of the renovation is to accommodate the increase in the transportation of steel.

In September of 2022, Portland Bolt supplied nearly 1,700 slotted timber bolts with fins for the new fender system at Wharf 1 at the Turning Basin Terminal. Our shop is capable of forging a 7/8” diameter slotted timber bolt with fins on the underside of the head that bite into the wood and prevent the bolt from spinning during installation. The bolts were 11-1/2” in length and were supplied with shear plates, lock washers, and hex nuts. We manufactured these bolts with a full-body diameter as required per the specification when used with shear plates. Lastly, we hot-dipped galvanized these bolts, which we were able to complete utilizing our in-house hot-dip galvanizing line.

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