Sitka, AK, US

The city of Sitka, AK approved a major harbor rebuilding project at Crescent Harbor. The project required the manufacturing of 120 slips and covered 46,000 square feet of timber floats.

In the fall of 2019, Portland Bolt manufactured the float rods, timber bolts, and other hardware required for the rebuilding of the marina.

Portland Bolt produced over 2,000 ¾” diameter float rods, which ranged in length from 119” up to 171-1/2”. Our roll threading equipment enables these rods to be manufactured extremely efficiently.

In addition to the rods, Portland Bolt manufactured nearly 5,000 timber bolts, along with 400 high-strength ASTM A449 heavy hex bolts. All of these bolts were made in our facility with our hot-forged heading capabilities.

Portland Bolt manufactured all of these bolts here in our manufacturing facility, including the hot-dip galvanizing. These manufacturing capabilities make us an excellent resource for marina projects.

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