Mukilteo, WA, USA

Starting in April 2019, Portland Bolt would begin manufacturing and supplying a huge amount of custom fasteners for the Washington Department of Transportation Mukilteo Ferry Terminal Phase 2 construction project in Mukilteo, Washington. The Mukilteo Ferry connects to the Clinton Terminal on Whidbey Island and is an extremely busy route for the region which accounts for the most amount of vehicle traffic for a ferry and the third-highest number of passengers. The ferry terminal construction will relocate the terminal to a nearby location with new seismically sound buildings and facilities and also enhance transit connections of nearby transit options without the current congestion and safety issues presented by the location of the older terminal.

Since the project was a federally funded Washington Department of Transportation project, the materials had to be manufactured in the United States from domestically produced steel. Portland Bolt was able to use our extensive domestic steel inventory to manufacture all of the domestic hex lag screws required for the project. The lag screws were cut to length, the hex head forged, the ends pointed, the threads cut thread, and the parts hot-dip galvanized all in-house at Portland Bolt’s 140,000 square foot manufacturing facility. Nearly 11,000 hex lag screws were manufactured in this fashion and in particular, Portland Bolt supplied almost 7,000 pieces of a 7/8” diameter galvanized A307 Grade A hex lag screw, which is a very custom wood fastener not found in the marketplace. Portland Bolt’s ability to hot-forge headed bolts and our in-house hot-dip galvanizing facility both proved to be major assets for Portland Bolt’s involvement in the project and allowed for quality product to be manufactured on time.

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