Kodiak, AK, United States

In early 2017, a project began in the City of Kodiak, AK to replace the existing transient float in the Near Island Channel area. The dock, with 425 of feet of berthing space on each side, was being updated to meet modern standards for vessel mooring and public safety.

Portland Bolt was selected to provide a variety of bolts for the project. The job required over 500 float rods which were over 12’ in length. Other hardware included 1¼” and ¾” diameter ASTM A449 heavy hex bolts, and ¾” diameter timber bolts which featured custom head tooling with the customer’s logo on the head of the bolts. All of the rods and bolts for the project were hot-dip galvanized.

Portland Bolt’s manufacturing capabilities make us an excellent option for marine projects throughout the world.  Portland Bolt’s in-house galvanizing, heading capabilities, and ultra-efficient roll threading enabled us to produce the required materials in a timely fashion and with the highest level of quality.

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