Duluth, MN, USA

The Duluth Seaway Port Authority (DSPA) went out for bids to have their aging marine structures repaired in the summer of 2017. Repair work was to begin in late fall of 2017. The awarded general contractor selected Portland Bolt to supply the fasteners for the job. The project required all steel components to be melted and manufactured in the USA.

Portland Bolt supplied around 2,500 7/8”Ø hex head bolts and nearly 1,500 ¾”Ø round head bolts. Material test reports (MTRs) were emailed to the purchaser and shipped as a hard-copy to the jobsite to be approved by the inspector. Since the fasteners on the project had to originate from the USA, certification paperwork was crucial.

Portland Bolt is able to hot-forge headed bolts in our manufacturing plant from ½” through 2½” in diameter. In addition to bolt manufacturing, Portland Bolt also operates a hot-dip galvanizing line which is capable of applying a zinc coating to steel bolts and rods up to 11’ in length. These manufacturing capabilities position Portland Bolt to be a reliable and responsive supplier for marine construction hardware for projects across the US and worldwide.

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