Seattle, WA, USA

Colman Dock, also known as Pier 52, located in Seattle, is the largest ferry terminal in the state of Washington. Due to the need for seismic upgrades and other modernization, the Washington State Ferries approved a terminal replacement that is anticipated to be a 6-year project.

Beginning in the summer of 2018, Portland Bolt supplied a variety of marine fasteners for the Colman Dock project. Some of the items included custom hot-dip galvanized F3125 Grade A325 heavy hex bolts, hot-dip galvanized F1554 Grade 105 all thread rods, and F593 stainless steel all thread rods.

Due to this project being funded by the State of Washington, all material was required to be melted and manufactured in the United States. Prompt and thorough certification documents are critical in these types of projects.

With our hot-dip galvanizing tank right here in our facility, and our unparalleled certification department, Portland Bolt is an elite option for marine construction projects and projects that require bolts that are manufactured in the US.

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