Los Angeles, CA, USA

Portland Bolt provided all of the OCS anchor bolts and down guy anchors for this light rail project that spanned a two year period beginning in August of 2008 and finishing with Portland Bolt’s final shipment in August of 2010. The customer wanted all 4 bolt sets fully assembled into anchor plates with top templates to arrive at the job site ready to use. Portland Bolt was able to meet their aggressive initial schedule by shipping 12,500 pounds of anchor bolt assemblies in just 3 weeks and followed up a week and a half later with another 18,000 pounds of anchor bolt assemblies. In all Portland Bolt shipped almost 80,000 pounds of galvanized ASTM A449 anchor bolt assemblies, ranging in diameter from 1-3/8″ though 2-1/4″. Portland Bolt’s state of the art hot-dip galvanizing line played a critical role in meeting the contractor’s delivery schedule.

The Exposition Light Rail Transit Line (Expo Line) is approximately 8.6 miles in length and travels along the Exposition railroad right-of-way between downtown Los Angeles and Culver City. It parallels the I-10 freeway and shares a track and two stations (7th St/Metro Center and Pico) with the Metro Blue Line as it leaves downtown Los Angeles. It then travels along the Exposition right-of-way to the aerial station at Venice/Robertson. The Expo Line project is considered a “Transit Parkway” that will be enhanced by bike and pedestrian paths, as well as trees and landscaping along the alignment.

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