Pueblo Viejo, Dominican Republic

The Piedra Blanca Substation is being built for the Pueblo Viejo Gold Mine expansion project. Portland Bolt has already supplied over 100,000 pounds of galvanized steel anchor bolts for this project. Every phase of this project has been on a fast track.

In June of 2011, Portland Bolt provided 8,200 pounds of anchor bolts immediately for the Piedra Blanca Substation project. We manufactured and galvanized over 500 ASTM F1554 grade 36 headed anchor bolts in just 12 days. These anchor bolts ranged in diameter from  1” through 1-1/4 and were all 30” in length. This included full assembly of nuts and export packaging. A follow up order two months later included 1-1/2” diameter galvanized F1554 grade 55 bent anchor bolts.

Portland Bolt manufactures bolts from steel bars and our in-house hot-dip galvanizing line allows us to control the manufacturing schedule from start to finish. This allows us to quote shorter lead times, but more importantly it allows us to meet our promised shipping date over 99% of the time. Portland Bolt has earned a reputation as a reliable, fast track anchor bolt supplier for projects all over the world.

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