Jubail, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia

Financial closure for the Fadhili Gas-Fired Combined Heat and Power Plant project was achieved in January 2017. Shortly after financing was secured, the awarded contractor reached out to Portland Bolt to provide the anchor bolts and embedded plates for the project. With an ambitious schedule for the plant to be operating in November of 2019 every day of lead time was crucial. Portland Bolt produced and shipped over 100,000 lbs. of anchor bolts and plates in various releases according to the critical path of the job. The project, located in Saudi Arabia, required special packaging, assembly, and marking to conform to the Saudi government’s requirements for importing steel materials.

Portland Bolt has plenty of experience shipping internationally. In 2023, Portland Bolt manufactured and shipped over 7.1 million pounds of anchor bolts and construction fasteners to customers in all 50 states, 12 Canadian provinces and territories, and 28 different countries. Our shipping department is prepared to handle your specific shipping and packaging needs. Contact Portland Bolt for your next order of anchor bolts.

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