Canton, OH, USA

In December of 2014, Portland Bolt shipped two tie rod assemblies to a specialty steel forging company in Ohio. The huge tie rod assemblies were composed of a 3-1/2” diameter by 249” long high strength A354 Grade BC thread-each-end rod with a #8 size 80 pound clevis assembled onto each end. The entire tie rod assembly weighed in at 840 pounds apiece. Portland Bolt worked with both the engineering company designing the assemblies as well as the end-user to ensure a correctly produced assembly that would fulfill the customer’s requirements and be produced in the timely fashion. The assemblies would be used to repair a 10 ton (20,000 pound) jib crane. A jib crane is a crane mounted to the floor or wall with a horizontal member with a moveable hoist. The crane would be used to repair the massive molten steel containers, called ladles, used in the production of steel bars and billets in the production facility. Portland Bolt was chosen to provide these assemblies due to our comprehensive and expansive manufacturing capabilities that allow us to easily handle and produce the large high strength rods and assure the fit of the large clevises.

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