Martinez, CA, USA

Beginning in August of 2006, Portland Bolt has been supplying hot-dipped galvanized anchor bolts and miscellaneous metals to Tesoro Corporation’s coker modification of the Golden Eagle Refinery in Martinez, California. The new coker unit covers 70 acres and the demanding foundation pour schedules require delivery on short lead times and within the strict certification standards required by Fluor, the engineering firm for the expansion.

All anchor bolts are being manufactured to ASTM A193-B7 and ASTM F1554 in all three grades, 36, 55, and 105. One example of the type of assemblies being installed at this project was 61,000 pounds of 3 inch diameter by ten feet long ASTM F1554 grade 105 anchor bolts that included large welded pipe sleeves and 2 inch plates. Miscellaneous metals that Portland Bolt has been providing for this project consists of embed plates, angles, and pipe sleeves all with welded studs.

We are able to meet these demands primarily due to the large inventory of raw material we maintain and our ability to galvanize material in-house. Most products being shipped to this job are hot-dipped galvanized, shipping in 12 working days or less.

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