San Diego, CA

In early 2012, the contractor performing the demolition and replacement of Pier 12 at the U.S. Naval Base in San Diego, California contacted Portland Bolt. The job required the demolition of the existing pier, installation of new piles, a fish enhancement structure (FES), and a new, larger pier. As part of this construction, the contractor needed high strength clamping rods that would be used to attach temporary scaffolding and forms to the concrete pilings.

Portland Bolt manufactured over 1,100 of these high strength ASTM A354 Grade BD rods for the project as well as supplying the associated domestic nuts and washers from our extensive inventory. While the high strength rods for this project were not galvanized due to the high strength material required and the possibility for hydrogen embrittlement, Portland Bolt is perfectly suited to supply marine projects like this due to our in-house galvanizing line and our long experience with marine construction bolts.

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