Papago Park Military Reservation, Phoenix, AZ, USA

Portland Bolt supplied the 1-1/8” diameter F1554 Grade 105 rods that anchor the display’s base plate and structural steel column to the concrete foundation. The F-16 aircraft is mounted to the steel column at an angle of nearly 30° and the highest point of the plane’s wing is elevated to almost 25 feet.

Due to the height and weight of the aircraft, 1-1/8” diameter by 30” long high strength anchor bolts were specified by the project engineer. Portland Bolt was able to manufacture the anchor bolts in our facility in Portland, Oregon.

In addition to our manufacturing capabilities, we also inventory a complete line of hex head and 90-degree anchors from ½” diameter through 1” diameter, many in plain steel and hot-dip galvanized finishes. Portland Bolt also keeps a handful of anchor rods on hand that are standard parts for nearby state Departments of Transportation. Often times, these stock anchors can be used outside of their standard application since they have a similar size to a specified anchor bolt that is needed in a fast turnaround.

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