Aberdeen, SD, USA

The City of Aberdeen, South Dakota uses an award winning Water Treatment Plant to provide safe drinking water for its citizens. The treatment plant takes in a mixture of surface and ground water and processes it to be safe for consumption. The average daily consumption of water for the approximately 26,000 customers in Aberdeen is 2.96 million gallons.

In spring 2014 the City of Aberdeen Water Treatment Plant required several tie rod assemblies to be replaced. Portland Bolt supplied large diameter stainless steel rods with clevises and sleeve nuts. These stainless steel tie rods were 1-3/4” in diameter and the pin-to-pin dimensions ranged from 25 to 28 feet in overall length. Portland Bolt is a trusted supplier of tie rod assemblies and always ensures the right and left hand threaded materials fit together properly so proper tension can be achieved in the application. Portland Bolt’s experience with large diameter and long length makes us a great source for these items. Our Tie Rod Length Calculator will calculate your rod lengths when given a pin-to-pin dimension.

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