Fredericktown, OH, US

In 2023, the Spellacy Covered Bridge replacement project was the largest infrastructure job in Holmes County estimated at $9.5 million. The iron truss bridge, originally built in 1993, had deteriorated prematurely due to faulty construction materials. The community in Holmes County dreamed of replacing the failing bridge with a beautiful covered bridge to improve the overall aesthetics of the area along with drawing tourists to the area. The new covered bridge spans 300 feet over the Mohican River and is expected to last 125 years, twice that of conventional steel and concrete spans. The bridge lies on Wally Road, between Arrow Point and the Lost Horizon campgrounds.

The large covered bridge required all domestic materials due to federal funds in the project. The bridge was also designed to last 125 years, so the fasteners had to be able to withstand a large load over a long lifespan. Portland Bolt was up to the task. There were thousands of A325 heavy hex head structural bolts and lag screws required to build Spellacy Covered Bridge, along with thousands of timber bolts, timber spikes, threaded rods, and shear plates. The contractor had a tight timeline to abide by and Portland Bolt made it happen. Almost 52,000 pounds of materials were shipped and delivered to the job site on time.

Portland Bolt specializes in the rehabilitation and construction of new wooden covered bridges. These projects require specialized fasteners and hardware, often to replicate the look of the original structure. Our 140,000-square-foot manufacturing facility includes a hot-dip galvanizing line that is designed specifically for threaded fasteners. Most of these covered bridge projects are federally funded which requires the fastener to be 100% domestic.

If you have a project requiring custom domestic fasteners, give Portland Bolt a call. Our estimating team is standing by to help you with your next project!

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