Wilberforce, OH, United States

The original 128 ft. long Charleton Mill Road Bridge that crosses Massie Creek was built in 1860. A combination of the creek flooding and wear and tear throughout the years caused the bridge to close in 2011.

However, a new design phase began in 2011 to replace the old covered bridge with an exact replica that meets today’s standards. In 2013, Portland Bolt supplied all of the hot-dip galvanized hardware for the new bridge construction. There were a total of 53 galvanized A449 anchor rods in seven diameters at 232” in length. Additionally, 1,256 hex bolts with extra thread lengths, 512 lag bolts, 136 timber bolts, 235 timber spikes, and 1,112 shear plates were provided. All of the rods and headed bolts were manufactured and galvanized in our 140,000 square foot manufacturing facility.

Give Portland Bolt a call if you have a project requiring domestic and galvanized custom bolts. We have provided fasteners for numerous covered bridge projects throughout the United States.

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