Jamestown, OH, USA

The Ballard Road Covered Bridge, near Jamestown, Ohio, was built way back in 1883. The bridge is on the National Register of Historic Places and is the only one of the five covered bridges in Greene County that allows vehicle traffic.

As would be expected from a bridge that’s been around for 133 years, the Ballard Road Bridge was in need of some work. Funds were allocated for the bridge to be taken apart and replaced with new parts.

Portland Bolt was chosen to provide the bolts and rods required for the rebuild. Because the project was mostly federally funded, only material melted and manufactured in the U.S. was allowed. The project required custom hot-dip galvanized A325 heavy hex bolts with custom plate washers, along with hot-dip galvanized tie rods as long as 20′.

Portland Bolt has supplied bolts for several covered bridge projects throughout the country. More often than not, bolts for these projects are required to be domestically produced, and our ability to manufacture headed bolts, along with our in-house hot-dip galvanizing make us an excellent supplier for these projects.

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