Yellowstone National Park, WY, USA

The current Yellowstone Fishing Bridge which was built in 1937 is on the northern tip of Yellowstone Lake in Yellowstone National Park.  The original bridge, built in 1902, gets its name from another bridge that was used early in Yellowstone’s history as a famous fishing spot for cutthroat trout.  The years have not treated the coveted fishing spot well, as it was closed due to overfishing in 1973.  The cutthroat still use it as a major spawning ground so it is still often crowded with sightseers observing the historic honey hole.

This job required 100% domestic material since it was a federally funded National Park job.  We were able to provide over 2,000 lbs. of domestic ½” stainless steel type 304 hex headed bolts with custom threads, washers, lock washers, and 3/8” thick plate washers all with full mill certification documents.  Portland Bolts provides full certification documents that we automatically email along with shipment tracking information on the day the order ships.  This saves you time and trouble trying to run down certification documents when you can use your time best spent elsewhere.

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