Portland, OR, USA

Project Summary

The Willamette Shore Trolley, a heritage railroad running along Oregon’s Willamette River from Portland to Lake Oswego, began streetcar excursions in 1987 on a trial basis, later transitioning to regular operation in 1990. Operated by the Oregon Electric Railway Historical Society since 1995, the trolley travels on a historic route once known as the Jefferson Street branch of the Southern Pacific line, offering a scenic 10.5-mile roundtrip journey where passengers learn about the area’s history while enjoying river views. Although service was suspended in July 2010 due to the breakdown of the line’s sole streetcar, a replacement Gomaco-built faux-Vintage Trolley was secured in early 2013, allowing partial service to resume in August 2014. Full service to Bancroft Street in Portland was restored in July of 2017 and has been running since, mainly operating their routes in the summertime.

Periodically, maintenance and repairs are necessary to ensure the smooth operation of the Trolley line. TriMet has recently put forward plans for the Trestle Repair and Nebraska street crossing replacement project. This involves installing new rail, crossing panels, drainage systems, hardscape signage, and striping. Additionally, selected timber members on three trestles will be replaced. All work must be finished before the start of the 2024 trolley operations season in July.

Products Supplied

The contractor opted for Portland Bolt to fabricate the essential hardware required for specific sections designated for repairing the Trolley line. Since this is a TriMet project, all materials had to be manufactured domestically to comply with project regulations. Portland Bolt supplied approximately 2,500 lbs. of material, all meeting the A307A specification. This included ½” and ¾” diameter drift pins, ½” lag screws, and ¾” threaded rods paired with A563-DH heavy hex nuts and malleable Iron washers. Since these fasteners would be exposed to outdoor elements, everything underwent the process of hot-dip galvanizing to ensure long-term resistance to corrosion.

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