Bucks County, PA, USA

In August of 2018, Portland Bolt shipped nearly 6,000 pounds of custom stainless steel threaded rods and hardware for the Scudder Falls Bridge Replacement project.  The old Scudder Falls Bridge was opened in 1961, but in recent decades has been mired with congestion and traffic due to the small capacity of the bridge and the configuration of the connecting infrastructure.  Beginning in 2003, design and planning began on a new bridge and bridge system that would replace the old Scudder Falls Bridge with more lanes and a much-improved ramp system that would alleviate traffic congestion that is projected to greatly increase over the next decade.

The stainless steel threaded rods that Portland Bolt fabricated were manufactured from stainless steel type 304 material to conform to ASTM A193 Grade B8.  The project also required all materials to be domestically manufactured from 100% American material that was melted and manufactured in the United States.  This meant sourcing steel round bar that conformed to the requirement but also having the A194 Grade 8 heavy hex nuts custom manufactured domestically to the required thread pitch.  These stainless threaded rods would be used in the handrail system for the main river bridge portion of the project.

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