Fayetteville, WV, United States

As part of the New River Gorge Bridge Repair project, 4 associated bridges needed to be repaired including the Fayette Station Bridge, Glade Creek Bridge, Camp Brookside Bridge, and the Mill Creek Bridge. This is a federally funded project requiring all domestic nuts and bolts. The time line was tight for delivery, and Portland Bolt was chosen to supply the bolts for this project as we are a domestic manufacturer of headed stainless steel bolts and work to quick lead times.

The bolt package included 752 headed 304 stainless steel carriage bolts in 10 different sizes ranging from 5/8 x 11 to 1 x 14. The project also required 96 pieces of ¾” x 14” type 304 stainless steel hex bolts, 1200 pieces of 5/8” x 10” type 304 stainless steel lag screws, 30” long stainless steel timber bolts and stainless split ring timber connectors. Portland Bolt was able to manufacture and ship these fasteners in 4 weeks.

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