Fauquier, ON, Canada

The Groundhog River Bridge is currently one of the largest bridges in northern Ontario. The current bridge is 80 years old and is in fair to poor condition. It is at the end of its service life so a bridge replacement is necessary. The new bridge will be a two-lane, 624-foot span comprised of steel girders with a concrete deck and open barrier railing. This open railing will improve the aesthetics for drivers as they cross the bridge.

This project required some very specialized round head structural bolts with slots. Did you know up until 2016, under ASTM A325, fasteners were only allowed to be made with forged heavy hex heads? Now under the new F3125 specification, A325s can be made with all sorts of different head styles, and this is one of our specialties here at Portland Bolt. The parts were also galvanized and with our very own galvanizing line, specifically designed for threaded fasteners, Portland Bolt was up to the task of delivering the parts to the job site on time. Do you have a project that requires custom forged fasteners?  Our estimators are standing by, and we’re ready to help you on your next project!

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