Scotrun, Pocono Township, PA, USA


Great Wolf Lodge was founded in 1997 and started as a small indoor water park resort called Black Wolf Lodge. Starting in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, Great Wolf Lodge had expanded to over 18 locations by 2021. This chain of indoor water parks has become very popular and is looking to continue its expansion. This resulted in a new Great Wolf Lodge project, located in the Pocono Mountains.

Portland Bolt’s Contribution

The Great Wolf Lodge Poconos is not the first time Portland Bolt has provided fasteners for family water parks across the country. This 2022 multi-million dollar remodel and expansion started with completely refurbishing the Grand Lobby which offers many activities such as yoga and dance parties. The water park is also getting a 40,000-square-foot expansion bringing the total water park to a massive 118,000 square feet of slides and pools.

This time we were called upon to provide a large assortment of custom hot-dip galvanized tie rod assemblies. The wide array of assemblies consisted of 35 unique sizes that had to be calculated and marked per each location needed. With Portland Bolt’s Tie Rod Calculator, quoting system, and easy-to-read drawings that include mark numbers, the contractor was easily able to confirm the tie rod sizes to be ordered correctly. Our experienced manufacturing team assembled the clevises ensuring a proper fit and marked each assembly so the contractor could easily identify which rods went where without having to dig through 35 custom assemblies.

Manufacturing Process

For this project, tie rods with clevis ends were manufactured by Portland Bolt. This is done by taking the A36 round bar, cutting it to the correct length, and rolling or cutting thread on it to form a threaded bar. This ASTM A307 threaded rod will easily attach to the clevis to form a tie rod assembly.

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