Portland Bolt Offers Two New Free Online Calculators

Portland, OR – September 18, 2008 – Portland Bolt introduces two new online tools: Bolt Weight Tool and Plate Weight Calculator. These free web-based tools offer a simple way to instantly estimate the total weight of fasteners and steel plates. They were created to alleviate the need to use cumbersome estimating software to perform quick calculations.

The Bolt Weight Tool accurately estimates threaded rods, bent anchor bolts, hex bolts, heavy hex bolts, and square head bolts. It automatically accounts for variations in fastener head dimension, diameter, and length. With interactive features it allows users to select between lighter roll threaded bolts and heavier full body cut thread fasteners.

Round, square, and rectangular carbon steel plate weight calculations are made easy with the Plate Weight Calculator. For instant total weights simply enter the plate type, thickness, dimensions and quantity. In addition, the tool will intuitively account for variations in weight if round holes are fabricated in the plate.

The ability to determine the weight of fasteners and flat plate helps save time. These tools are designed to meet the demanding standards of engineering and industrial professionals. The ability to immediately determine the weight of 1,500 pieces of 1-1/2 inch diameter ASTM F1554 anchor bolts saves valuable time that may otherwise be wasted looking through technical manuals.

About Portland Bolt

Based in Oregon, Portland Bolt & Manufacturing Company is a worldwide supplier of construction and industrial fasteners. A modern 140,000 square foot facility allows each manufacturing process to be scheduled based on your requirements. Portland Bolt maintains an industry leading in-house hot-dip galvanizing line designed specifically for threaded fasteners. The company sells products directly to over 2,500 organizations in a variety of industries including: marine construction, steel buildings, highway projects, and precast concrete. Over the last 96 years, Portland Bolt has provided quality product, delivered on our customer’s schedule. The company is known for providing in-depth technical information in a timely manner.