Portland Bolt Announces a New Tie Rod Length and Clevis Calculator

PORTLAND, OR — March 24, 2009 – Portland Bolt & Manufacturing Company, a leading construction fastener manufacturer, has released a Tie Rod Length and Clevis Calculator for use in construction and structural steel applications. The tool allows users to simply enter the overall tie rod assembly length and diameter to determine individual rod dimension and the appropriate clevis size.

Tie rod shop drawings often specify an overall length from the center of each clevis pin, without detailing the required individual rod length. This tool quickly estimates rod lengths for three different tie rod configurations. Whether the assembly is a standard two clevis rod or clevises with a turnbuckle and different rod lengths, this tool will calculate the dimensions quickly and accurately.

“We feel this tool will help engineers, detailers, and steel fabricators not only determine accurate lengths for tie rods when given pin-to-pin dimensions, but also ensure the proper clevis number is being used for a specific rod diameter,” said Greg Lindsay, General Manager of Portland Bolt. “Although the tool does not use complex mathematical formulas to determine the rod lengths, it performs the calculation quickly, removes the possibility of mathematical errors, and eliminates the need for technical insight necessary to accurately determine proper rod lengths.”

Portland Bolt manufactures tie rods in sizes starting at ½ inch through 4 inches in diameter and provides the clevises and turnbuckles as a complete package. Plain finish, hot-dip galvanized, and stainless steel assemblies are available for quick delivery.