Next ‘New Deal’ – Portland Business Journal

Portland Business Journal
Erik Siemers
Business Journal staff writer

Government officials want to kick-start the dormant regional economy with billions of dollars in public works projects, leaving local manufacturers and contractors eager to nab a share.

Plans such as Gov. Ted Kulongoski’s proposal to spend $500 million on transportation projects annually over several years has Portland Bolt & Manufacturing Co. hopeful to fill its growing northwest Portland plant.

“Our forecasting on what the future holds isn’t sure. We’re tied to infrastructure jobs like light rail and highway work,” said Adam Oakley, Portland Bolt’s marketing manager. “Our hope is with Kulongoski’s new bill to spend more on roads and bridges. That ties directly into what we do.”

Similar hope echoes from other Portland manufacturers and contractors as government leaders — from Kulongoski to Mayor-elect Sam Adams to President-elect Barack Obama — advocate for public works projects to create jobs and stimulate the economy. Read the full article at Portland Business Journal’s website