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Standard Flat

Standard Flat Washers | Portland Bolt

Flat washers are covered under the ASTM specification F844. These washers are unhardened and intended for general use.

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Hardened Round

Hardened Washers | Portland Bolt

These washers are through hardened or carburized to add strength, but are physically smaller than a standard F844 flat washer.

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Ogee Washers | Portland Bolt

Ogee refers to the curved shape of this large, cast iron washer. They are typically used in dock and timber construction.

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Malleable Iron

Malleable Iron Washers | Portland Bolt

Malleable cast iron round washers are used in dock and wood construction.

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Round Plate

Round Plate Washers | Portland Bolt

Round plate washers are simply a low carbon steel, oversized cut washer designed to provide a larger bearing surface than an F844 washer.

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Square Plate

Square Plate Washers | Portland Bolt

Square plate washers are used in a variety of industrial applications. They come in both black and galvanized.

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Beveled Washers | Portland Bolt

Beveled washers are intended to compensate for bolts and rods set at an angle and create a flat surface to tension.

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Hardened Beveled

Hardened Beveled Washers | Portland Bolt

Hardened beveled washers are covered under the ASTM specification F436.

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Lock Washers | Portland Bolt

Split lock washers provide greater bolt tensioning for tighter assemblies and provide protection against loosening resulting from vibration.

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Load Indicating

Load Indicating Washers | Portland Bolt

Load indicating washers (LIW) are used to develop the correct tension when installing A325 or A490 structural bolts.

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Rosette Washers | Portland Bolt

These oversized washers have a large bearing surface designed to prevent bolt heads and nuts from pulling through brick or concrete walls.

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Hillside Washers | Portland Bolt

Hillside washers are used to evenly distribute load in cross bracing applications.

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Clipped Hardened

Clipped Hardened Washers | Portland Bolt

Clipped hardened washers are used where space limitations require one side be clipped.

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