Can a carriage bolt be supplied to the A325 specification?

Technically, carriage bolts cannot be manufactured to the A325 specification. The A325 specification in section 1.1 states, “This specification covers two types of quench and tempered steel heavy hex structural bolts.” Section 1.5 states, “This specification is applicable to heavy hex structural bolts only. For bolts with other configurations and thread lengths with similar mechanical properties see A449”.

Therefore, to order carriage bolts with A325 chemical and mechanical properties, you would order to the ASTM A449 specification. The ASTM A449 and A325 specifications share virtually identical chemical and mechanical requirements.

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    Can you manufacture high strength carriage bolts at 50mm X 13.4 mm with 11.5 mm thread size and 18mm thread length . Square head is 14mm and round head is 26mm X 5mm hiigh.

    Looking for Carriage bolt, 5/16-18, partially threaded, smooth shank of 2-1/2″. If you don’t, who should?

    Can I get the following bolt?
    5000 each – Carriage Head, Ribbed shoulder, 1/2″- 13 x 1″ LONG, Galv. Steel

    Both plow bolts and carriage head bolts offer advantages in certain applications; the smooth head doesn’t catch on material. The square neck requires a square hole or a soft material (but not too soft).

    Can either be made with a cap socket?

    I guess flat head cap socket bolts are an option but that requires 2 drilling operations.

    @Jim- We do not have the tooling to manufacture that part. It is possible that we could have the tooling made if your quantity and lead time allow, but we would need to see more specific drawings in order to evaluate.

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